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Arts and crafts at the service of the world of luxury and beauty .....

Listening to you to create, imagine, shape all the pieces of "luxury" watch components by integrating my know-how
acquired during my various professional meetings.

My multi-technical skills in crafts will be able to contribute to the realization of pieces going in the sense of detail, a value which is close to my heart.
and of which I have immense pleasure in valuing a job well done.

Your already very prestigious clientele could acquire an exceptional piece.

"Offer you beauty and emotion ..."
I like to discover your universe and understand your wishes.
The object of your lusts is revealed in your image ...

Drawing has always been part of my life. Registered, from childhood in creative workshops, then carrying out long studies as a bronzier of art in carving, training in engraving, to get involved then as a setter in jewelry and watchmaking, then as as a jeweler for major watch brands,
I worked in the design of dials with high added value.
And then train me on the material of the enamel and the meticulousness of the micro-painting.